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Land Rover Discovery Number Plate

Landrover discovery number plate

At Demon Plates we have 'state of the art' machinery to produce any size of number plate. This comes in particularly handy when producing 4x4 number plates, for those of our customers with Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles.

People tend to refer to this product as a 'square number plate'. This is not true as the width of the plate is greater than the height. The dimensions of this plate are 280mm x 203mm or 11" x 8" depending on which century you come from. When using our number plate builder, follow this to arrive at the correct size: Plate Size > Standard Plates > Standard 4x4.

So, if you have recently acquired a Land Rover or Range Rover which currently has the standard plates attached, you need Demon Plates. Treat yourself to a number plate which is specifically shaped for the aperture on the back of your car. The shaped rear number plate enhances the appearance of your car and makes it stand out from all the others.