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  • Long queue for low number plate numbers

Long queue for low number plate numbers

The freezing January temperatures and a snow storm couldn't keep number plate enthusiasts from queuing outside the Department of Vehicle Licensing (DVL) offices before 9 a.m. opening time for a chance to purchase low numbered number plates.

The low numbered number plates, they have numbers under 1000, are only available once every five years when newly designed state number plates are issued. Those that aren�t renewed by March 31st are available on a first come first serve basis.

The plate numbers that will be available aren�t known until the DVL's office opens, meaning people nearest the front get the lowest number plates.

Paul Varley, who was first in line, started queuing early on Sunday and spent the night in his vehicle so he could grab the low numbers.

Varley didn't have any number in mind he just wanted the lowest number plates possible. Half an hour later he left with number plates bearing the digits 11.

Neil Martins was 5th in the queue and hoped to get the number 1957 number plates for his 1957 Buick.

Many residents show up every five years to get low number plates.