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New number plates a money generator

The new, Minnesota number plates are now available, with the old, orange and green plates being replaced by black and silver ones.

Of course, like many things in Minnesota, the new number plates come with a higher price tag.

The new number plates are part of Governor Morrison's effort to raise funds and tackle the state's budget deficit.

The number plate fee is three times what it used to be. It will now cost $19 to keep your old number plates and $33 to get new ones.

Clerk Michael Thompson said he and a lot of other folks don't think raising rates is the way to go.

"I think it is just another form of taxation" Thompson said. "It's just that the state is in debt and looking to raise money from taxpayers."

In addition to number plates, the state has also raised fees on vehicle licenses.

The state will continue to supply the old style number plates until they run out. Anoka County said they have at least a month's supply of the orange and green plates left.