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  • A way to show off your MIT spirit

A way to show off your MIT spirit

MIT's new specialty number plates are officially on sale as of the beginning of this month.

Under the tutelage of the Massachusetts Vehicle Licensing Authority (MVLA) the University has secured the necessary 325 signatures of MIT students, former graduates, and staff members, and friends who pledged their support for developing the speciality number plates.

"We think its a great way of spreading the MIT name by displaying it on our number plates," Dave Clarkson, MIT vice chancellor said.

"By displaying the new MIT number plates everywhere you travel, locally and across the country, countless people will be reminded of our prestigious institution."

Former MIT students are regarded as the University's most important ambassadors who continue to display their allegiance.

"The number plates will allow our alumni to demonstrate their loyalty and support our current students in their pursuit of academic excellence at MIT" Clarkson said.