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  • Montana districts to get vanity plates

Montana districts to get vanity plates

Proponents of Montana school areas will soon show their pride by displaying vanity number plates touting their favorite lucky charm.

The Inverdale District could be the first in the state to sponsor personalised Montana number plates showing its mascot. Trustees on Monday approved a five-year marketing agreement for Inverdale Butterfly number plates.

The idea is from Just Plates, authorised by Montana senate to design and market colour specialty number plates.

"It's a great idea" said trustee Robert Maloney. "It is a win win situation for Inverdale."

The state receives the bulk of the money from sales of such number plates, Maloney said. The area will earn revenue from the sales.

The cost for number plates without a personalised message is $38 per year, which generates $7.75 to the budget. Plates with a personalised message cost $10 extra.