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New number plates for Nebraska

Plain green Nebraska number plates with yellow letters boasting "Agriculture State" went on sale this month in motor vehicle offices for the first time in 22 years, as the new design replaces old plates over the next few years.

Paul Lewis of the Nebraska Highway Patrol, said the cleaner design, which has only two colors, will be easier to read for law enforcement officers and number plate recognition technology.

"The other side of it is, retro is kind of in," added Butler, noting the past-era uniforms that are now in vogue with pro football teams.

The last time a blue plate with white lettering graced the front and back ends of Nebraska vehicles was in 1975, Butler said.

Finance Officer Tony Jacobs said he preferred the old number plates.

"I would have stuck with the old plate" Jacobs said. "I thought it showed off the state real well, with the great plains on them."

Plain green backgrounds are nothing new for Nebraska number plates.

"We have 87 vanity number plates," Lewis said. "Getting back to basics was what I felt we needed to do."

Vanity number plates will continue to be offered for sale.

Nebraska number plates are manufactured by inmates at the Nebraska Correctional Centre. Last year, they produced over 200,000 set of number plates.

Nebraska residents will now need to replace their number plates every 5 years.