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  • New Law requires drives to have unique number plates

New Law requires drives to have unique number plates

Glynis Keane has had "GLYNN" on her number plates for the last four years.

But the longtime Edgewood resident will have to find a new phrase for her number plates. A law passed by the Nevada legislature earlier this year requires all number plate combinations be unique.

Among more than 65,000 drivers in Nevada with personalised number plates, also known as "vanity plates," who received letters from the state about changes taking effect in 2010, Keane is also among the 28,000 who has a duplicate somewhere out there.

Previously, state law allowed duplicates as long as there was only one per county of the personalised plate phrase.

"GLYNN" is a popular pick for a personalised plate, along with "MUM" and "DAD," admitted Liam Baker, a spokesman for the Nevada Vehicle Department.

For example, he said, there are 53 vehicles in Nevada bearing the most popular personalised number plate phrase, "WOLVES."

"It causes difficulty for traffic officers, if they can only see the name on the plate and not the county," Baker said of the duplicate number plates.

"They could have had 'WOLVES' in 105 counties," said Elko County spokesman Bruce Peterson. "We've had to do away with that, now there will only be one set of number plates in Nevada with 'WOLVES' on."

The person who has had the personalised number plates the longest will be the one who gets to keep them, Peterson said.

Some people have received two letters from the state, however - one informing them they can keep their personalised number plates but a second telling them they have to change it, according to Baker.

Those who must choose a new phrase will need to do so the next time they renew their vehicle registration, Peterson said.

"They can pre-order to make sure someone doesn't get the combination they want," she said. "If they don't renew until next October, for example, they can order ahead of time."

Peterson said citizens can pre-order by visiting their county treasurer, although they cannot pick up their new personalised plate until the month in 2010 that they would normally renew their registration.

Keane already has a new phrase in mind.

"I don't have to change it until the next time my vehicle registration is up for renewal, which is in May," she said. "I think I'm going to pick 'NANA4,' because I have four grandchildren.