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Front number plates to go

A proposal has been raised during recent discussions that would cut state costs, but not necessarily be helpful to the police.

Some state officials are proposing to change the law that requires number plates on both the front and back of vehicles. Currently North Carolina law stipulates that two number plates are a must.

Jeff Allinson said he tried to get the plan through previously but failed. Proponents say that the rear number plates really is the only one needed.

Motorists would be charged the same for their number plates, but will only receive the rear one. A measure that is calculated to save the state in the region of $19 million.

Police in the state are against the plan as they now have the technology to read front number plates from greater distances than ever before.

Highway patrol vehicles observe traffic from static positions more these days, they like to be able to view number plates on the front of the cars.

The change in the law on car number plates is expected to make it onto the statute books by the summer.