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City to choose new number plates

Sun-baked mountains, flowing rivers and the winding roads are themes in the three designs being considered for the city of Roachford's new number plates.

The Roachford City Commission is expected to select a winning design during its regular Tuesday meeting and road-users will be able to purchase the winning number plates by May, according to a statement put out by council chiefs.

The three number plates in the running are:

  • A yellow sun-baked mountain scene with Roachford�s motto, "Never ending summer" Designed by Martin Thompson.
  • A depiction of the towns river flowing off into the sunset. Designed by Keith Hardy.
  • A view of a highway traversing through the mountains, with the words, "Winding road" Designed by Phillip Jones.

Ten number plates were submitted by artists. The Roachford Culture Centre narrowed the options to three.

The artists whose design is chosen will receive $750 "Roachford Dollars."

The Roachford plates will be among more than 220 specialised number plates available in Utah, supporting colleges, charities and other organisations.

Roachford's number plates are expected to cost between $25 and $35 for the initial purchase and $15 for each year for annual renewal.