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  • Council votes to drop front plate

Council votes to drop front plate

The local council has voted to save millions of dollars a year by getting rid of a strip of metal that we all have to purchase. Councillor Robert Sinclair wants to rectify what he describes as "a glaring waste of money" in a bid to save the council millions of dollars a year.

Sinclair wants to get rid of front car number plates. Traffic police officers claim two number plates help make it easier for them to identify suspect vehicles. Sinclair countered that Moston police don�t seem to have any trouble idetifying vehicles from states that don't require two number plates.

Sinclair stated that the state wastes a lot of money by requiring two number plates. "Think of how much metal and paint we could save by getting rid of the front number plate". There would be no refunds offered to Mostonians who buy two number plates before the law comes into effect.

Police spokesman James Mcbride said he preferred cars to have two number plates but would go along with the proposal.