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  • Californan's gobble up bright number plates

Californan's gobble up bright number plates

California's new sunshine-state number plates have had a long and torturous journey to motorists' cars, but they are proving to be quite a hit.

Since the "Sunshine State" number plates went on sale on October 11th, the state Department of Transport (DOT) has sold more than 170,000 of them for cars, motorcycles and vans, an official announced. The amount for passenger vehicles represents pairs of plates, since motorists must have them fitted to the front and rear.

The old "Sunshine State" design sold approximately 80,000 number plates during a similar period, according to the DOT.

Last year, the DOT postponed the new "Beautiful Ohio" number plates despite months of time and effort on the design by teams of people, including premier graphic design agencies. A DOT spokesman said it was down to the state of the economy.

In July, Jason Miller, DOT director, announced that the new number plates would cost no more than the old ones and drivers could purchase either.

Plenty of the new number plates are still available. The DOT said 457,053 (again represented in pairs for passenger vehicles) are in waiting to be sold. That number doesn't count plates at vehicle licensing offices across Ohio.