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  • TCU number plates generate scholarship money

TCU number plates generate scholarship money

Those specialty number plates you see on cars and trucks in the city indicate more than just the driver is an TCU student or teacher, they also raise scholarship money for gifted teenagers from deprived backgrounds.

The custom number plates, sold throughout the state, pay the tuition fees for students showing outstanding ability and commitment.

Toronto TCU number plates cost $35 per annum plus the levy for the Transport Department. The TCU receives $30 of the fee and the state gets $1 for admin costs.

Although the TCU signature number plates are available throughout the state, only sales from within Toronto boundaries will raise funds directly the scholarship.

Alumni Associations in other states are trying to get similar schemes going whereby their scholarships benefit from the sales of number plates.

TCU Alumni member Lola Martins said she is trying to get the TCU number plates available as far away as Luxton and Pine Town.

"I'm determined about this" she said, "Other universities have number plates out here, why not us?"