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Top 10 Funniest Number Plates

Personalised number plates have long been a favourite among car lovers for adding a unique touch to their vehicles.

Some people choose funny number plates to express their personality and sense of humour.

These plates not only make other drivers smile but also serve as memorable identifiers.

Demon Plates offers a wide range of customised plates, allowing anyone to add a bit of fun to their car.

Let's dive into the top 10 funniest number plates and discover the creativity behind them.


fast one number plate

The plate FA57 ONE is a clever play on the phrase fast one and one of the all-time great car number plates.

It's perfect for a speedy car owner who wants to brag about their vehicle's performance humorously.

The pun lies in the resemblance between FAST and FA57.

This plate might be seen on a sleek sports car, turning heads and hopefully chuckles from passers-by.

It's a great example of how numbers can replace letters to create a funny and memorable plate.


handsom number plate

If you're looking for unique number plates, then HAN 55OM is a witty twist on the name Handsome and a great source of inspiration.

Ideal for someone who prides themselves on their looks or their car's appearance, this plate uses numbers to stand in for letters, creating a playful and egotistical message.

It could be seen on a stylish vehicle, driven by someone with a good sense of humour about their vanity.

The cultural reference to being handsome makes this plate universally amusing.


wise guy number plate

This number plate is perfect for the driver who enjoys a bit of cheekiness and wit. The humour comes from the phonetic similarity, with 53 standing in for SE.

You might spot this plate on a car owned by someone with a sharp tongue and a quick wit, ready to share a laugh.


cow boy number plate

The COW 6OY plate is proof that you can make a number plate out of nearly any word.

Swapping the B for a 6 creates a playful twist that captures attention.

This plate might be found on a rugged vehicle, perhaps owned by someone with a love for Western culture or just a playful spirit.

It's a great conversation starter and a fun way to showcase one's personality through their car number plate.


laugh number plate

LAU 6H cleverly stands in for Laugh, making it an excellent choice for someone who loves to spread joy and laughter.

The substitution of 6 for G maintains the phonetic sound, making the plate easily understandable and amusing.

This plate could be on a car driven by someone who enjoys making others smile, embodying the spirit of humour and positivity.


cringe number plate

The plate CR21 NGE plays on the word Cringe.

Perfect for someone who enjoys a bit of self-deprecating humour or loves to point out awkward moments, this plate uses 21 to mimic the IN sound.

It’s a fun and unexpected way to label a vehicle, likely driven by someone who isn't afraid to laugh at themselves and find humour in everyday situations.


yes i can number plate

YE51 CAN stands for Yes I Can, a motivational and empowering phrase turned into a playful number plate.

The combination of letters and numbers creates a positive and uplifting message, perfect for a determined and optimistic driver.

You might see this plate on a car owned by someone who loves to inspire others and face challenges with confidence and humour.


awesom number plate

AWE 5OM cleverly spells out Awesome, capturing the essence of coolness and confidence.

The use of 5 instead of S maintains the pronunciation, making it instantly recognisable and fun.

This plate is ideal for someone who feels their car, or they, are truly awesome.

It’s a great way to make a statement and add a bit of swagger to the driving experience.


nutter number plate

NUT 73R is a humorous take on Nutter, a British slang term for someone who is a bit crazy or eccentric.

The 73 substitutes for TE, keeping the phonetic sound intact.

This plate could be on a car belonging to someone who embraces their quirks and enjoys standing out. It’s a playful nod to one's wild side and a sure way to get a few laughs.

FUN 333Y

funny number plate

The plate FUN 333Y translates to Funny, with 333 replacing the NN.

These custom number plates are perfect for someone who loves to joke around and keep things light-hearted.

It’s a straightforward yet clever use of numbers to create a word, making it easily recognisable and amusing.

You might find this plate on a car driven by the life of the party, always ready to share a laugh.

Personalised number plates like these highlight the humour and creativity that car owners can bring to the road.

They offer a unique way to express individuality and make driving a bit more fun. If you're inspired to create your funny plate, then the plate builder is the way to go.

Add a touch of humour to your car and make every journey a bit more enjoyable!