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Over 100,000 number Plates Ready

The Government of Uganda's Department Of Transport (DOT) announced over 100,000 new vehicle number plates have been manufactured bringing an end to a controversial shortage of them.

The new plates will be categorised according to the type of vehicle they are intended - for example number plates beginning with GO will indicate the vehicle as being that of a government official.

The annual prices for the number plates range from UGX85 to UGX265 depending on the size and weight of the vehicle.

At the same time the cost of vanity car number plates will rise from UGX109 to UGX135.

The plates will feature a hologram in the bottom of the left hand corner, making them almost impossible to copy.

The new number plates also show the Ugandan flag on the right hand side.

According to official figures there are over 150,000 motorists in the country on the waiting list for new plates.

The police welcomed the introduction of the new plates stating that the old design was difficult for their officers to read.