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Number plate supporting agriculture proposed

If enough people subscribe, Wisconsin soon will have number plates celebrating agriculture.

Under plans released earlier this month, the number plates will contain an image showing the sun rising over a field of corn with the words "The belly rules the mind."

"Wisconsin" will be at the top of the plate; "Farming" in capital letters would be across the bottom.

Fees collected from the number plates will be used to help students in farming education programs.

"This is a great idea and should have been done years ago. I urge all Wisconsana to consider this number plate" said Wisconsin Secretary of Agriculture Jim Fallon. "What better way to show support for agriculture? We intend to be fully self sufficient in food and hopefully even export some."

The Wisconsin Agriculture number plates have an extra cost beyond standard fees. A set of plates will cost $44 and then $32 annualy. For personalised vanity number plates, the additional initial cost is $87, with a $65 charge every year. The plates will be available for all road vehicles.