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  • Personalised Wyoming plates available again

Personalised Wyoming plates available again

A public-private partnership created to sell personalised number plates in Wyoming has re-opened after being shut for 2 years.

The comany which won the contract to sell the personalised number plates in 2006, shut down the program after 6 months because of the recession. Over 1,200 personalised number plates had been sold.

On Monday the company restarted the operation. An official of the said more than 290 pairs of number plates were sold on the first day of trading.

Pricing for the number plates has been reduced, with the cheapest option being a $47 plate for 12 months.

Customers can choose background colours, badges or borders for their number plates, as well as certain designs or pictures, including the Meadowlark which is the state emblem.

To keep down costs, only the 19 most popular designs were brought back, along with a few new options.

One new choice is a plate featuring the 'Green Meadow' which are the first environmental number plates in Wyoming.