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Getting a new car is a dream come true for most people. It's shiny on the outside, clean and new-smelling on the inside, but what about the number plates! This is one thing that can actually enhance the look of your car, but often goes ignored by even the most proud car owners. It is very true that number plates can really have a big impact on the looks of the car. Is there anything you'd change about your plates, given the chance? Then read on....

Why Buy a Custom Number Plate?

If you really want to enhance the looks of your car or motorcycle then try a custom made number plate by Demon Plates. Create your own design and show off that plate in style! Why stick to the same number plate designs that can be seen on your Grandma's shopping trolley, when you can have a stylish plate that stands out from the crowd?

When creating your own number plate there are some points to remember. Most importantly, you must own the registration number on the plate if you wish to display it on your car. Demon Plates make the plates, but cannot register the numbers. Also remember that only three of the typefaces available in the Demon Plates Number Plate Creator may be legally used on the UK highway - the others are just for fun, and should not be mounted onto your car.

Online ordering

Using the Demon Plates Number Plate Maker you can order the number plate directly over the internet. Our online resource will allow you to design your own number plate before your eyes. Enter your registrations number and you?ll see a preview of your plate in seconds. You can alter the designs in any way you want. Change the colours, fonts, number sizes, borders or put any symbols you want. You don't have to worry about the quality of the plate as only top products are used, so you're guaranteed to get the number plate exactly the way you want.

Creating your plates

When creating your plates, please be careful to enter your registration number carefully as any errors will be carried across to the end product. You should select the correct number plate size, dependent on the sort of vehicle you have. Next, choose the text style you'd like. While there are a number of styles available, the standard, carbon is the three text styles that are legally allowed to be used on the UK highway. The others are for fun, and make great gift plates, but please don't mount them onto your car!

You can also select a badge to be displayed on the number plate. Badges are displayed on the left side of the number plates and you can choose from a selection of background colours for the badge. A border can really enhance a number plate, so you can put some contrast colours or match the background colours for the border line. As with all our features, it is totally up to you whether you want borders in your number plate or not.

There?s even space to put a personalised slogan in your number plates. Most standard plates reserve this section for the name of the garage where you the vehicle was purchased. With your personalised plate, you can use it to say whatever you?d like.

So, are you ready to build your own custom number plate? Try the Demon Plates Number Plate Maker today!