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Top 10 Cars That Have a Personalised Number Plate

When it comes to individuality and self-expression, car brands with personalised plates can often go hand-in-hand.

Here we take a look at the top ten car brands in the UK that embrace exactly that; the art of customisation with design and style in mind.

In the vast landscape of automobiles, personalisation transcends the mere features of a car model. It extends to the very essence of the vehicle—the number plate.

At Demon Plates, we understand the desire to make a car uniquely yours. Join us on this exclusive journey as we uncover the top ten cars with personalised number plates in the UK that boldly express individuality.

1. Ferrari: A Symphony of Speed and Exclusivity

ferrari car

At the forefront of this personalised journey is the iconic Ferrari, a symbol of speed, luxury, and exclusivity. Remarkably, in 2020, an impressive 50.72% of Ferrari models left showrooms with personalised number plates. Supercar enthusiasts who choose Ferrari often seek that extra level of uniqueness, transforming their cars into works of art.

Sources: Motoring Research, Angel Plates

2. Morgan: Crafting Elegance with Personal Touches

morgan car

Morgan, often celebrated for its handcrafted, classic cars, secures the second position with 40.91% of its models featuring personalised plates. Owners of Morgan cars are not merely driving; they are crafting elegance and sophistication, making their vehicles stand out with unique plates that reflect prestige and exclusivity.

Source: Regtransfers

3. Lamborghini: The Pursuit of Premium and Exclusive Experiences

lamborghini car

Claiming the third spot is Lamborghini, the epitome of luxury sports cars, with 37.21% of its models featuring personalised plates. Lamborghini owners are not just driving; they are pursuing premium and exclusive experiences, making a statement that transcends the ordinary.

Source: Motoring Research

4. McLaren: Fusion of High Performance and Exclusive Designs

mclaren car

McLaren, synonymous with high-performance vehicles, secures the fourth position with 34.70% of its cars adorned with personalised plates. Collaborations with other companies add an extra layer of exclusivity, creating a fusion of high performance and exclusive design.

Source: Fourdot Designer Plates

5. Aston Martin: Where Elegance Meets Uniqueness

aston martin

Aston Martin, synonymous with elegance and sophistication, takes the fifth spot with 32.50% of its models featuring personalised plates. Standard plates are not an option for those who appreciate the beauty of their cars. For Aston Martin owners, elegance meets uniqueness, creating a harmonious blend that goes beyond the ordinary.

Source: Fourdot Designer Plates

6. Bentley: A Symphony of Speed and Sportiness

bentley car

Bentley, known for its performance-oriented and luxurious cars, claims the sixth position. Fast and sporty, Bentley owners seek eye-catching and memorable plates to match their vehicles. Each Bentley becomes a symphony of speed and sportiness, harmonising with a unique plate that adds an extra layer of personality.

Sources: Autobest, Fourdot Designer Plates

7. BMW: An Ode to Sophistication and Elegance

bmw car

BMW claims the seventh spot, with plates featuring the brand next to a single number considered among the most expensive. These BMW number plates
are highly sought after, adding a touch of sophistication to BMW vehicles. Each BMW becomes an ode to sophistication and elegance, with personalised plates seamlessly integrating into the vehicle's aesthetic.

Source: Carreg

8. Mercedes: Setting the Standard for Luxury

mercedes new car

With the slogan "the best or nothing," Mercedes-Benz secures the eighth spot. Many Mercedes lovers opt for personalised plates to make their vehicles stand out and meet the high expectations set by the brand. Each vehicle becomes a statement of luxury, setting the standard on the road with personalised plates for Mercedes that reflect individuality.

Sources: Benz Insider, Regtransfers

9. Land Rover: Rugged Elegance with a Personal Touch

land rover car

The highly sought-after Land Rover takes the ninth spot. Known for its SUVs, Land Rover's larger-than-usual number plates already set them apart, but many owners seek bespoke plates to further distinguish their vehicles. Each Land Rover becomes a symbol of rugged elegance with a personal touch, making a statement that transcends the typical.

Sources: Fourdot Designer Plates, Number Plate Clinic

10. Rolls-Royce: Embodying Opulence and Achievement

rolls royce

Closing our top ten list is the luxurious Rolls-Royce, a symbol of comfort and wealth. A personalised number plate on a Rolls-Royce is not just a customisation; it's an indication of prestige and achievement. Each Rolls-Royce becomes a testament to opulence and achievement, making a statement that resonates with a unique plate.

Source: SwiftReg

What is the Typical Occupation of the Owner of a Personalised Number Plate?

Are you curious about the people who choose personalised plates? They often include individuals in property, landlords, estate agents, company directors, illustrators, TV producers, and those with their own businesses. Each personalised plate tells a story, reflecting the diverse occupations of the individuals behind the wheel.

Source: This is Money

Hopefully, this journey through the top ten car number plates showcases not only the diversity of vehicles on the road but also the stories and personalities of their owners.

Demon Plates invites you to explore the endless possibilities of personalised plates and make a statement on the road. To get started on your unique journey, visit our plate builder. On the road of life, your journey deserves to be uniquely yours.